Why come to Tuxedo Gallery for your prom tux?

  • Selection: We offer the largest selection of tuxedo styles and accessory colors in the Northwest. We offer more options than Men's Warehouse. Since we have a local warehouse, everything is on display for you to see in person. At Men's Warehouse you have to order out of a catalog.
  • Quality: Since our warehouse is in Downtown Spokane, we can easily make corrections to insure a perfect fit every time. Men's Warehouse ships their tuxes in from Houston, Texas, which makes getting corrections almost impossible.
  • Late Order Fees: We charge a $20 late fee for last minute prom rentals needed within 7 days of event.

See store for complete details.

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tux_button2.gifWelcome to Tuxedo Gallery, your Prom Headquarters! We have awesome styles, cool colors, and excellent prices that will help make your prom a night to remember.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How do I rent my tuxedo?
a. Visit the Tuxedo Gallery location nearest you
b. Pick out your style and color with the help of our tuxedo specialist.
c. Pick up your tuxedo two days before your prom.
d. Return your tuxedo the day after your prom to avoid late fees.

2. When do I pay for my tuxedo?
Most people pay when they pick up their tuxedo. However, if you pay when you book your tuxedo, it will save you time when you pick it up. Lines can get long on pick-up days during prom.

3. What does my tuxedo include?
Cufflinks and button studs

4. How soon should I reserve my tuxedo?
We recommend reserving your tuxedo two-three weeks before your prom. Of course, we can fill your order right up to the date of your prom if necessary.

5. How do I match my date's colors?
Just bring in your date or a swatch of her dress and our tuxedo specialist will be happy to help you find the best match.

6. Can I get a cane, chain or other accessories to go with my tux?
Absolutely! We have these and many other items, including socks and pocket hankies, for rental or purchase to help you get the look you have in mind.

7. Can I get a colored tux?
Yes, just stop by and check out our colored tuxes. In addition to the more traditional black, white, grey and brown, we also have red, blue, yellow, green, platinum and orange available.

8. How can I be sure my tux fits right and looks good?
When you pick up your tux, you will try it on, and one of our trained staff will make sure you look your best.

9. Is there a way I can get my tux for free?
Become a Tuxedo Gallery Prom Ambassador and earn $$$ off your tuxedo rental.


Click here to download Prom Ambassador application

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